5 Best Braun Silk Epil-7 Review: A Buyer’s Guide

On the off chance that flexibility is a top need in an epilator, look no more remote than the Best Braun Silk Epil-7. This variation won’t just cull hair on the legs and underarms, however, it additionally has a face top and touchy territory top that makes this usable on the face and pubic region.

Ladies who’ve had a go at epilating these parts with no top will reveal to you that it’s not something they suggest.

Doing so will be agonizing. These tops do include a tad of solace. This specific variation likewise accompanies different connections that expand usefulness. What’s more, it incorporates a swimsuit zone trimmer and trimmer top.

So when on the off chance that you purchase this current there’s no compelling reason to purchase an additional trimmer if pubic shaving that is your thing.

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Best Braun Silk Epil-7 Review

Adaptability is the most grounded suite of the Silk Epil 7, yet it is on the higher finish of the value range.

Before I proceed, we should take a gander at the highlights of the Best Braun Silk Epil-7

  • Braun guarantees this is their most productive epilator on account of the 40 close hold tweezers
  • These tweezers are equipped for culling hair as short as 0.5mm
  • Wet and dry capacity
  • Accompanies a two-piece trimmer, so it spares you some $$$
  • Likewise accompanies a shaving head and trimmer top
  • Turning head adjusts to various forms of the body
  • A cordless epilator will run for 40 minutes
  • The SmartLight highlight assists track with fining hair
  • 2-year guarantee



Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 7 7-561 Hair Removal for Women

Best Braun Silk Epil-7

I am fixated on my Epilator! I need everybody to know how extraordinary these are! I got into waxing a year prior and adored it since I have coarse dim hair that requires a day by day shave to be smooth.

I once in a while felt I could get past a day without feeling like I have to shave once more. I took a stab at sugaring, hot wax, hard wax. I love the result of waxing, however waxing damages, it generally makes me wince when they pull, and it is costly.

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I don’t care for holding up until my hair becomes out to then hold out a lot of cash to begin the procedure once more.

I asked the last individual who waxed my legs and every one of my lady friends however nobody had known about an epilator, and on the off chance that they did, they believed that I was an old school item that sounded extremely difficult.

I chose to attempt this Braun epilator after some examination and figured 1. Braun ensures your fulfillment with the epilator and 2. it isn’t so much significantly more cash than a wax.

At the point when I originally turned it on, I was a piece blown a gasket. It took me for a moment to have the mental fortitude to put it to my leg. I scrubbed down and simply needed to put it all on the line.

Presently I am fixated. This is such an incredible item. You can utilize it wet or dry, it gets short hairs so you don’t need to hang tight for developing out, it harms route, not exactly a wax, and its a one-time venture for some employments.

I am so happy I got some answers concerning epilators and urge you to check out it. I think waxing (hot, hard or sugaring) harms much more. I have extremely touchy skin. In the wake of waxing, I ordinarily have red knocks on my leg for 36 hours or something like that.

This doesn’t occur for me when I epilate. A few hints: I clean my legs with Tend Skin Solution after I epilate and afterward put on coconut oil. At the point when you epilate go moderate, and in some cases, you need to move the epilator in various ways (not simply all over) to get every one of the hairs.

I previously epilated my legs after my last wax, so that may have added to my first epilating session being a breeze (since my hairs were finer than had I been shaving).

With everything taken into account, I am enlightening every one of my lady friends concerning this and considering getting them as presents for my companions.

A weekend ago I epilated in my back yard in the sun and afterward went to the seashore. My legs looked extraordinary.

I have just set aside cash. So obviously superior to waxing or shaving! Give it a shot, it might simply turn into your preferred excellence hack




Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Beauty Edition 7-929

Best Braun Silk Epil-7

It carries out the responsibility however here is the thing that I that about it. Body exfoliator connection: Operates by clicking it onto the epilator body.

The brush bristles recommended substitution time is a year. The fibers and development appear to be of acceptable quality and I trust you would have no issue receiving a year in return before supplanting.

I’m not totally sold on how well it peels the skin as I needed to add a shedding wash to truly feel like I was busy and I truly battled keeping in my grasp and not sneaking out once cleanser got onto my hand. There aren’t any elastic grasps on the body.

It fits pleasantly into your hand and stays put yet once any cleanser is placed into the condition of some trouble for me.

I don’t prescribe you not utilize it thou as you should completely shed your hair follicle pores must be peeled before epilator use or it could be extremely agonizing.


I was restless to check whether I could take out some ingrown hairs and obstructed follicles I jump on the rear of my arms and my thighs. I saw them diminish after first use.

Epilator: The body of the epilator is actually quite lovely as it shines, the shape is ideal for fitting into hand yet I do wish there were some elastic grasps on sides to improve hold as I dropped it a couple of times.

It works by turning and when it does these metal things move in and out and a tweezing activity happens which evacuates the hair, there is a considerable lot of them surrounding it. It is anything but difficult to perfect and should be cleaned after each utilization. It very well may be utilized in water or dry.

I favored the dry as it improves and expels speedier. In the water, I felt it slipped and didn’t evacuate at the same rate. The unit is battery-powered which really came to full charge inside 60 minutes.

I am truly dazzled with the battery life as since I’ve had it I got a full-body shedding, and two hour-long epilators utilize before expecting to charge and I trust it would have gone any longer yet I would not like to risk it biting the dust in an epilator session.

It additionally has a light which is extremely useful in managing you to any hairs you may miss. The light is one of my preferred highlights!

It has two rates and I utilized the most elevated speed for all areas I expelled hair from. I’m not going to mislead anybody, it is somewhat agonizing.

But, if you simply push past the underlying torment it blurs or you get used to it after around 5 minutes. I do have dim thick hairs so mine may have been more terrible than others relying upon how bushy you are. Because of hairs growing in different cycles each time you epilate it gets simpler and less excruciating.

I’m as of now at a phase that it doesn’t damage to do it as it’s just pulling out a couple of hairs to a great extent. I did the two legs (feet, legs, thighs), both underarms. It really helps your underarms so in the event that you detest the 5 o’clock shadow look of your underarms you should epilate there also.

I likewise have jawline hair and mustache hair from steroid medicine and being normally dim headed. The jawline zone was excruciating and it grabs exceptionally hard ( however they are coarse like a keeps an eye on facial hair). I’m overwhelmed by how smooth all my skin is and I’m truly getting a charge out of being bare lol.

I am physically incapacitated so it’s undependable and exceptionally hard for me to shave in the shower so this is a paradise sent for somebody like me. I energetically prescribe this thing on the off chance that you are physically crippled and battle shaving.

I’m getting a charge out of going hair-free for seven days now. I will never shave again, I’m a lifer to the extent epilating the hair on my body.

My facial hair was shaving day by day like a man and I’m without hair for the fifth day now. That by itself merits utilizing this or obtaining it.




Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 7 7-880 Hair Removal for Women

Best Braun Silk Epil-7

I purchased this for my legs, arms, and underarms and to supplant shaving. I have dull, coarse body hair and this epilator is so ineffective.

I have utilized this item on dry skin, wet skin, with shaving cream/conditioner, with child powder, pulling the skin tight, gradually and at exceptionally edge conceivable however I didn’t get the outcomes anticipated.

In the wake of utilizing it, my leg hair feels like two days post-shaving. Furthermore, utilizing this has cause ingrown hairs on my legs which I have never experienced with a razor.


The torment is sensible once you become accustomed to utilizing the item and I like that you can utilize it on dry legs. The main explanation I gave three stars was on the grounds that the electric razor and two-piece shaver are extraordinary.

  • Can use on dry skin
  • Limited pain (once acclimated)
  • The electric razor
  • The bikini shaver
  • Leaves stubble (doesn’t remove hair completely from follicle)-
  • Causes ingrown hairs
  • Does not last longer than shaving
  • Takes longer than shaving
  • More painful compared to shaving




Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 – Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Silk-épil 7 7-561 - Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Works extraordinary!I had a Remington epilator… Gotten it around 8 years back, and still works today. Reasons you should change from shaving with a razor to an epilator ( despite the fact that I realize it harms the first occasion when you use it)

  • 1-save money on the cost of razors.
  • 2-on the off chance that you have touchy skin, this requires no shaving gel with fixings that disturb
  • 3-save money on the cost of razors ( yes I realize I composed this twice… Be that as it may, on the off chance that this epilator keeps going as long as my first one, at that point, it should be noted twice.)
  • 4-no razor consumes.
  • 5-individual experience; take it from me … I utilized the epilator for my legs and armpits and two-piece line for a long time… At that point, I got occupied with college and would not like to take an additional couple of moments utilizing the epilator once every other week.

Rather, I utilized a razor for the 4 years of my college life. In the wake of managing razor consume, the tingling, the expense of the cutting edges ( 3 packs for like 35$, for not too bad razors since I found that the Bic razors caused more skin disturbances than smoothness).

My leg hair got so thick and would develop so rapidly. God denies I go to the rec center wearing shorts following 2 days of not shaving without feeling hesitant.

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So I chose to buy a more up to date, better ( cerebrum) epilator to epilate my legs once more. Obviously the first occasion when it harms the most… Be that as it may, right away. No razor consumes. My legs felt smooth, and in some way or another, I felt lighter in my progression.

I woke up the following morning my legs feeling precisely the same. Seven days pass by and my legs are as yet luxurious, on the second-week hair was at long last beginning to develop back.

So I utilized my epilator to clean up in the shower 10 minutes  Done. What’s more, useful for another 2 weeks.

For somebody like me with thick dark hair and fair skin… This is a divine being send. I don’t have a clue why I at any point went to shaving with razors in any case.




Braun Silk Epil 7 Skinspa Wet & Dry Epilator Hair Remover For Face and Body

Skinspa Wet & Dry Epilator Hair Remover For Face and Body

I am so happy I have chosen to go with a specific model of best Braun Silk Epil-7. At first, I needed to purchase the one with every one of the connections since let’s be honest who doesn’t care to get heaps of stuff, yet in the end, I concluded that I would most likely never use them. This specific one is a decent alternative.

Epilator: I propose anybody purchasing an epilator just because to go for a wet and dry one on the grounds that at first it very well may be somewhat excruciating. Be that as it may, utilizing it under a decent hot shower or a hot shower removes 99% of the agony.

I have been utilizing the epilator for a couple of months now and I generally use it in the shower. It still works incredibly. So far the water has not brought on any issue. It has two-speed modes and you can choose which one you are OK with relying upon your agony resistance.

The battery life will sufficiently last to epilate the two arms and legs. Totally charges in barely 60 minutes. It’s a smart thought to charge the epilator before each utilization to guarantee it has enough force.

*It is decent and little and an extraordinary alternative while voyaging. I took it on one of my excursions and I can reveal to you I got my cash’s worth in only one occasion.

  • The container likewise accompanied a face and a body scrubber.
  • Face Scrubber: It scrubber is extremely delicate and viable in tenderly cleaning your face.
  • Body Scrubber: To be straightforward I haven’t utilized the body scrubber yet, so no remarks.
  • In general, this epilator is an extraordinary purchase and I would propose it.





 Best Braun Silk Epil-7: A Buyer’s Guide


  • Cordless capacity makes it truly convenient
  • Different tops and two-piece trimmer stretch out usefulness to more territories on the body
  • The extraordinary choice to use on the face


  • One of the more costly choice
  • Utilizing this won’t be sans torment

With regard to flexibility, not many epilators approach the Best Braun Silk Epil-7. This variation will be fit for expelling hair even on profoundly touchy regions like the face and pubic areas.


Observe that while it is conceivable to epilate these regions without the tops, torment level will be higher. Furthermore, the danger of the tweezers squeezing skin expands on the grounds that there’s nothing in the middle.

The facial top and delicate region top that accompanies this epilator give a hindrance that ensures skin.

Forty tweezers

Like the more costly Braun Silk Epil 9, the Silk Epil 7 accompanies 40 tweezers. The main distinction would be the manner in which Braun spread it out as the Silk Epil 9 has a more extensive epilation head (they state 40% more extensive).

Notwithstanding, it falls behind the Emjoi AP-18 that has 72 tweezers, however in the event that you take a gander at surveys, this will cull hair in less goes than the less expensive Silk Epil 3 and 5.

It likewise has the nearby grasp highlight so it’ll have the option to evacuate hair follicles as short as 0.5 mm.

In the event that you would prefer not to invest a great deal of energy epilating, at that point a quicker epilator with more force like this one would be a perfect alternative.

One disadvantage would have cost – this epilator will be more costly than the prior Braun epilators.

Tip: Avoid epilating long strands of hair as the tweezers will in general break hair follicles. Epilators perform best culling shorter strands of hair to give the tweezers the most obvious opportunity to cull them out from the roots. To study the right system in epilating, if it’s not too much trouble read our top to bottom guide.

Wet and Dry Epilating

One of the most huge downsides of epilating would be agony. At the point when you contrast it with shaving, epilating is pass on a considerably more agonizing procedure, however, the outcomes are justified, despite all the trouble.

A decent method to numb the agony would epilate inside the shower. The Best Braun Silk Epil-7 enables you to do so in light of the fact that it is cordless.

It is difficult to epilate under the shower with a corded epilator since it is connected to an attachment. No measure of waterproofing will shield you from conceivable electric shock.

In case you’re utilizing this inside the shower, epilate towards the conclusion to guarantee that hair follicles are delicate and skin shed.

Run time

In the wake of charging for 60 minutes, you can utilize this epilator for around 40 minutes. It likewise has a pointer that discloses to you when you have to charge it.

Ladies state that the brief run time is sufficient to shave the two legs and underarms. So make a point to plug this before any hair evacuating session.


This element is one of the more famous highlights since it assists with perceivability.

In the event that you have fair hair or by and large flimsy hair, it is practically difficult to see it without a splendid light source.

The SmartLight is fundamentally a brilliant LED that lights up the territory you’re epilating. So you needn’t bother with an outer light hotspot for such.

Connections and frill

What you’ll escape the case will rely upon the variation you pick.

In the event that you get the 7-561 variation in Amazon you’ll get the accompanying:

  • Facial top
  • Touchy region top (for bars or underarms)
  • Top with knead rollers
  • Productivity top
  • Shaver head and trimmer top
  • Two-piece trimmer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pack for putting away every one of this frill

Both the productivity top and fundamental top accompany the swiveling heads.

Contingent upon your agony resilience, you can have a go at evaluating the proficiency top on the off chance that you need for close outcomes yet doing that will be progressively excruciating.

The shaving head is an incredible alternative on days when you don’t want to epilate. Or if nothing else defer it for one more day or somewhere in the vicinity.

Having the two-piece trimmer is a great alternative on the off chance that you need to shave your pubes without utilizing a cartridge razor.

Execution – Is it agonizing to utilize?

Ladies said to expect a degree of torment when utilizing this epilator, particularly during the underlying pass. The back rub rollers in one of the assistance of the top numb the culling sensation from the tweezers.

Something else ladies state at any rate in the surveys is that utilizing this epilator beats waxing. They state that it is less agonizing and less chaotic. It certainly won’t be as costly since purchasing an epilator is only a one-time thing.

Heaps of ladies were content with how this epilator evacuates hair, particularly on the leg region. On the off chance that shaving leaves your skin disturbed, at that point take a stab at utilizing the Best Braun Silk Epil-7 and leave a remark beneath in the event that you have great outcomes.

The degree of torment from this machine will rely upon your agony resistance too. A few ladies state it was difficult while others state they didn’t encounter any torment whatsoever.

There are a few objections about it causing ingrown hair and knocks, yet that was the minority.

Where would I be able to purchase this?

You can purchase the Best Braun Silk Epil-7 from Amazon for under $90, and it’ll be qualified for their 2-day free transporting in the event that you join Prime.

The decision

In case you’re searching for a proficient epilator that is cordless that you can use under the shower without burning through $100 this is an extraordinary choice. It has the about an indistinguishable measure of tweezers from in the Silk Epil 9 however with a smaller head.

What’s more, you can utilize this on the legs as well as on the underarms, two-piece zone and face on account of the tops.

It’s a flexible hair expelling preparing set that each lady ought to consider. In the long haul, epilating will be less expensive than waxing, less untidy and as indicated by ladies you’ve utilized this – less difficult. It is all about Best Braun Silk Epil-7. I hope you will like this guide of Best Braun Silk Epil-7.


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