10 Best Epilator for Legs Reviews 2020: A Buyer’s Guide

Let us discuss Best Epilator for Legs. Evacuating hairs directly off your legs is an exceptionally overwhelming and tedious undertaking.

There is plenty of choices accessible to evacuate your leg hairs. The two generally unmistakable of them are waxing and shaving. In any case, the two accompany a type of cons with them.

For waxing you have to develop your hair longer, its difficult and simultaneously exceptionally wild procedure. Then again, shaving hair is fast however hairs return extremely snappy.

Epilating consolidates the best of the two universes. It offers the briskness of shaving and sleek smoothness of waxing. All things considered its a total bundle. Hence, we concocted the best epilator for legs 2020 guide direct.

Epilation is practically easy and spares a great deal of your time and in the end cash. In this manner, many ladies are moving towards epilation to get them sleek legs absent a lot of agonies. However, which epilator is directly for you?

There are a large number of epilators accessible in the market. Epilators come in various sizes, shapes, spending plans, power sources, and structures. Be that as it may, not every one of them is similarly dependable and practical.

There is a lot of advantages and disadvantages of each model. We explored several hours to get you this rundown of the best epilators for legs.

So you don’t need to burn through your valuable time and spotlight more on your delightful skin. How about we get into it and see which one suits your character and needs.


Reviews of Best Epilator For Legs


Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

best epilator for legs

Phillips Satinelle Essential is a top-level and best epilator for legs. It has a minimal and engaging plan design which is ideal for hefting around. It is corded for greatest use effectiveness with the goal that you don’t need to charge it between the epilation process.

The rope is extensive and can along these lines the epilator can arrive at the troublesome territories effectively. The Satinelle Essential has a launderable head for simple activity and cleaning.

This best epilator for legs is extremely compelling even on hair as short as 0.2mm. It implies that this epilator culls out hairs that are even not pluckable by waxing.

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After epilation, this astounding gadget makes your legs smooth and clean without utilizing any concoction. The epilation procedure on this hair remover is truly straight forward and brisk. It ordinarily takes under ten minutes to dispose of irritating hairs which shroud the excellence of your legs.

Phillips Satinelle Essential has two-speed settings. You can utilize the low-speed setting with the effectiveness of the top connection on fragile and difficult to arrive at regions. Furthermore, the rapid mode can be utilized for accelerating the epilation procedure.

Phillips Satinelle Essential epilator is an ideal epilator for everybody who needs to utilize is on legs and two-piece region. It takes under ten minutes to change your hair-secured legs into excellent and delicate ones.

This best epilator for legs culls hairs which are not in any case pluckable by waxing. The two-speed setting gives you variable paces of your decision and solace.

The corded structure ensures that you can utilize the epilator endlessly. The general structure language of this epilator is exceptionally basic, extraordinary and conservative. It is an ideal epilator for legs. You will love getting it.

  • Affordable
  • Long-cord
  • Quick
  • Two-speed Settings
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Very Loud
  • Corded
  • Not Waterproof




Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 – Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

best epilator for legs

Braun is a famous brand in the epilator business. This organization has had the option to create quality items for quite a long time consistently.

Furthermore, with the Braun Silk-épil 9-579, t has taken the game to the following level. This epilator is an ideal decision for somebody searching for a quality item overlooking the value point.

With this best epilator for legs, you can evacuate most brief of hair, forestall ingrown hair and give yourself a treat with a decent back rub. This hair remover comprises a ton of cool frill. It contains a shaver head, a trimmer top, a facial brush, a back rub top, a skin contact top, and a charging stand.

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Braun has fitted this epilator with 40 tweezers which are more extensive and longer than customary tweezers. These tweezers evacuate littlest of hair and keep hair from becoming back soon. Braun guarantees that this epilator evacuates even 4x shorter hair when contrasted with the conventional waxing strategy.

It is a battery-worked unit and the battery is durable. Braun Silk-épil 9-579 is totally waterproof. This epilator can be utilized in both dry and wet conditions.

It implies that it very well may be utilized under the shower as well. Epilation procedure of this epilator is easy in both the dry and wet technique.

It has a rotating head that shapes to the body to give you the greatest solace and working effectiveness. Advancements like throbbing vibrations and keen light come standard in this model.

Throbbing vibration produces delicate vibrations for your definitive joy while keen light innovation evacuates hairs that are not noticeable to the unaided eye. These advances increment the believability of this epilator and remember it for our rundown of the best epilator for legs.

Aside from legs, this epilator can be utilized for face purifying. It gives 6X preferable purging over the manual. Along these lines, this epilator can be extremely valuable on the off chance that you need to utilize it for different pieces of the body too.

This epilator is a definitive decision for individuals who utilize an epilator on legs just as different pieces of the body. It has premium quality tweezers that pluck out more hair and forgo them developing back sooner.

This model can be utilized on dry just as the wet circumstance. It works perfectly in both the condition. On the off chance that spending limit isn’t an issue, we underwrite you to purchase this best epilator for legs. It values each and every penny.


  • Premium Tweezers
  • Powerful
  • Waterproof
  • Facial Cleanser Included
  • A bit expensive




Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

best epilator for legs

The third contender in our rundown of best epilators for legs is the Panasonic ES-ED90. This epilator+shaver is a finished hair treatment and foot rub bundle.

It has an amazing engine, 6 diverse connection heads, and pedicure cradle connections for complete hair evacuation and foot care arrangement at home.

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The wide, double circle tweezer head contains 48 accuracy tweezers to extricate leg hairs from the root. The tweezer head is planned such that it forms to the state of the body.

It additionally comprises of keen LED light, which guarantees that no hair is deserted. After epilation with this exceptional epilator, you get plush skin.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P is a battery-controlled epilator. In the wake of charging for one hour, it gives you a reinforcement of around 30-minutes, which is adequate for a total epilation roundup.

This hair remover is waterproof and can be utilized under the shower with no issue. Since its waterproof, the cleaning procedure turns out to be simple.

The Panasonic epilator incorporates a Shaver Head, which is hypoallergic and is impeccable to use on touchy zones like the swimsuit line.

Aside from expelling hairs from legs, it has a Pedicure Buffer connection to evacuate dry and dead skin cells from your feet. It can give you an extravagant pedicure treatment at home which would somehow cost you several dollars.

Panasonic realizes that one-speed can not be ideal for everybody. Subsequently, they included two-speed modes. So you can change the speed settings as indicated by your solace. With everything taken into account its a total bundle of extravagance treatment for your hair expulsion and pedicure.

Panasonic has concocted a response to all the epilator marks out there with this astonishing model. It incorporates 6 distinct heads to counter the requirements of the client.

This model can be utilized as an epilator, electric razor or pedicure cushion. It has double speed settings and an extremely ground-breaking engine. Panasonic ES-ED90 substantiated itself a correct contender in this of the best epilator for legs.


  • Powerful Motor
  • 48 tweezers
  • Electric Shaver Head
  • Pedicure Buffer
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • May struggle with small hair




Emjoi Emagine Epilator – Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

Emjoi Emagine Epilator

Emagine is a stunning epilator from Emjoi. It comprises of 72 tweezers which extricate the most extreme hair in one stroke with the goal that you get sleek legs in less time.

Fewer strokes drastically decline skin aggravation possibilities. The planning philosophy of this machine is very astonishing. It fits great in the hands and gives a truly agreeable hold.

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Emjoi’s licensed “Coast” innovation lifts up the hair so the tweezers can undoubtedly cull out hair without bringing on any distress. Emagine is additionally the world’s first tweezer to offer Silver Ion innovation which gives antimicrobial security to a more secure and simpler hair epilation.

The Emagine likewise includes amazing innovation that you won’t discover in some other epilator. The double contradicted stunned heads permit the tweezer head to cover progressively surface zone and pluck out more hair.

It likewise brags “lifting fingers”, this innovation lifts the hairs up with the goal that it’s simpler for the tweezers to cull out hair. This element likewise diminishes the odds of any in-developed hairs.

Because of this industry-driving innovation, this epilator has had the option to evacuate hairs as short as 0.5mm. The main component this gadget needs is that it’s not battery worked.

Emjoi AP-18 is a top-notch epilator. It has an engaging structure and feels. There are 72 tweezers on the tweezer head for the most extreme working limit. It flaunts Emjoi restrictive innovations like “lifting finger” and “Skim”, which makes this gadget a mainstream gadget.

Despite the fact that its a generally excellent gadget yet its assemble quality isn’t comparable to the next epilator on our rundown, and it likewise needs water-sealing as well. If it’s all the same to you changing epilator once every year, it tends to be an entirely agreeable answer for your leg hairs.


  • Fits good in the hand
  • 72 Tweezers
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Removes shortest of hair
  • Poor Build Quality
  • Not Waterproof
  • Not Battery-operated




Silk-epil 5 5-280 Hair Removal for Women

Silk-epil 5 5-280 Hair Removal for Women

Braun Silk-épil 5-280 is the last yet not minimal section in our rundown of best epilators for legs. It contains 40 tweezers which separate 4X shorter hair when contrasted with the conventional waxing strategies. It is explicitly intended for the use on dry skin as it were.

This epilator can likewise be changed into an undeniable shaver by supplanting its head top. You can utilize the electric shaver on delicate regions of the body, similar to the swimsuit line. Braun Silk-épil 5-280 is additionally coordinated with high-recurrence rub innovation, which gives your skin a loosening up feel.

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It additionally comprises of brilliant light which uncovers even the littlest of hair. The tweezer head is planned such that it forms to the body and culls out hair without causing a lot of torment.

This epilator is fueled by a string and doesn’t take a shot at batteries. Thus, it can give constant epilation without the stresses of release.

Braun Silk-épil 5-280 is appropriate for individuals who like to have top-class innovation and would prefer not to utilize it under the shower. This best epilator for legs gives brilliant hair evacuation without causing a lot of agonies.

The procedure is fast because of its magnificent tweezer head. The massager works truly fine and loosens up your body.

As it is controlled by rope this can be an issue for somebody who doesn’t prefer to stay with the limitations that accompany a string. In addition, as it’s not waterproof.

You can’t utilize it in wet conditions as well. If it is all the same to you utilizing a corded force line and use it on dry skin. It very well may be an incredible decision for you.


  • Removes tinniest of hair
  • Smartlight
  • Massage technology
  • Can be converted into an electric shaver
  • Its not waterproof





Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal

Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal

In the event that you are searching for a quick epilating gadget, at that point Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal BRE632 is the one for you.

With quicker tweezing activity, this gadget adequately expels hair from your legs, arms, swimsuit line and even face. It has been put in this rundown of best epilator for legs since; it is a 2 out of 1 gadget.

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This implies it very well may be utilized on your more extensive body parts just as touchy zones. With 5 connection heads, it will give you a sleek and smooth inclination.


  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Removes hair of .5mm length
  • Separate heads for sensitive body parts
  • Opti-light for better epilating
  • Not many head attachments are provided





Philips Satinelle Essential

Philips Satinelle Essential

The Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is an extraordinary minimal epilator. It ventures effectively. After one use, legs are luxurious.

This best epilator for legs is redone with pivoting tweezers that proficiently expel hairs without pulling the skin. It leaves legs liberated from stubble and smooth for quite a long time. The epilator expels coarse leg hair from attaches up to .05 mm.

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Shaving with the Philips HP6401 gives a snappy shave that is exhaustive and definite. Epilating the two legs takes ten minutes, epilating the underarms takes five minutes, and hair expulsion of the two-piece territory just takes five minutes. This epilator offers efficient hair evacuation that is more affordable than waxing.

The corded plan considers relentless use on dry skin. There are two-speed settings. Utilizing the more slow speed in blend with the proficiency top connection will give ideal leg hair evacuation on the primary stroke.

The adjusted, minimal handle fits effectively in the palm of your hand. The reduced structure additionally makes it simple to stash for movement. The leader of the epilator is removable and simple to clean.




Buying Guide of Best Epilator for Legs


With such a significant number of items available, purchasing the best epilator for legs requires appropriate research. Here are the highlights that you ought to consider while purchasing the best epilator for legs.

A number of tweezers:

The epilator is an assortment of electric tweezers that selects every hair from the root. The more the number of tweezers, the faster will be the speed of taking out hair.

The quantity of electric tweezers in an epilator fluctuates from 20 to 72. Be that as it may, with the expansion of tweezers, the cost of the epilator will likewise increment.

A few people accept progressively a number of tweezers cause more torment however this isn’t valid. Be that as it may, it will definitely make the epilating session faster.

Dry or wet application:

Epilators can be of two sorts, one is corded and the other is cordless. The cordless ones can be utilized both wet and dry as they don’t should be connected anyplace. Then again, corded ones should be associated with a nonstop force supply; subsequently, the client can just utilize it dry.

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Albeit the two kinds of epilators, expels the hair from the root, a few people think that its simple to utilize the epilator in the shower as it’s increasingly agreeable on the skin. Be that as it may, cordless epilators are handier and simple to go with.

Epilator territory:

At the hour of purchasing the best epilator for legs, make sense of why you need it. Some utilization epilators for face and some for arms, legs, and two-piece region. Along these lines, it is fundamental to remember why you require it.

For fragile territories like swimsuit line or face, you need something with a lesser number of tweezers while, for arms and legs, you need something with an increasing number of tweezers.


Most epilators have connections for you to modify your hair evacuating experience. I propose you choose what characteristics are most significant when epilating.

On the off chance that you need exactness, you might need to pick an epilator that has an accuracy top. I would suggest the best epilator for legs that has a keen light to ensure no hairs are missed, particularly when shaving around the bends of your legs.

Solace and Maneuvering:

While thinking about the solace and moving characteristics of an epilator you need to take a gander at the handle and head.

Settle on a decision that feels good when you hold it. Think about the heaviness of the handle and the equalization of the epilator’s head.


Maybe the most significant thought is the outcome you are left with subsequent to epilating. You need a smooth shave with almost no disturbance.

You need coarse hair to be completely expelled from legs without the issue of remaining stubble. Likewise, you need the hair evacuation to keep going for an all-encompassing period. I suggest you pick the best epilator for legs that spotlight on fewer epilation sessions.

Is the best epilator for legs superior to waxing for legs and Underarms hair evacuation?

When settling on waxing and epilating I prescribe you think about the expense and recurrence. I would likewise think that your hair should be a sure length before you can wax again to guarantee that the wax gets the hair.

With epilation, you can evacuate hair whenever. Epilators get the shorts hairs, most getting hairs as short as 0.5mm.

In the wake of waxing, you have a lot of skin aggravation also the torment you experience during the hair expulsion. Epilation has constrained measure of torment and practically no skin bothering after hair evacuation.

Extra settings

Aside from the previously mentioned highlights, there are a couple of more things that you may require during epilating. These settings set the epilators apart from the less expensive ones in the market.

1. Speed settings:

There are a few epilators that just accompany the on and off mode. Be that as it may, a few epilators accompany speed setting also. The client can pick whether he/she needs the epilating moderate or quick.

It is smarter to go for the ones that have an advantageous speed setting. Along these lines, you can pick the speed contingent upon the development and territory of hair.

2. Lighting:

Truly, there are epilators in the market that accompanies LED lights on them. The LED light on the epilators encourages the client to concentrate on the region they are epilating.

This light is incredible on the off chance that you need more light in your room. Ordinarily, we miss little hair fixes on the skin; LED light will assist you with getting free of those little hairs too.

3. Epilator adornments:

In the event that you go for a costly epilator, at that point, you will get various adornments alongside it. The embellishments incorporate various heads for various territory epilating, travel pocket, cleaning bramble, and so forth.

These adornments are extremely useful to shield your epilator from dampness and residue. What’s more, it will likewise keep your epilator clean.

I hope you will like this guide for the best epilator for legs.


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