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If you’re looking for a way to achieve smooth, silky skin, an epilator may be the answer. Epilators are devices that remove hair from the root and can be used on any part of the body. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use an epilator and some tips and tricks that will help you get the best results. Let’s get started!

How To Use An Epilator In Easy Steps

You’ve come to the ideal location if you’re searching for a solution to the mess, time, and expense of depilatory creams or the lengthy growth requirement of waxing. An epilator is your answer to all your prayers, along with that silky-smooth finish we spoke about? It can even last up to six weeks.

Epilating may seem simple, but there is a technique to it. We’ll walk you through how to use your epilator, so you get the most out of it and get the best results. This handy little gadget will quickly become your new favorite companion!

Three stages for stunningly smooth skin.

For weeks, you may have super-smooth, supermodel-esque skin with the touch of a button. The art of epilation has advanced over time, and whether you’ve been doing it for years or are a novice looking for some quick tips to get you epilating like a pro in no time, we’ve got you covered.

Before you epilate

It’s all about preparation. Every beauty guru knows that looking effortlessly gorgeous necessitates a little bit of planning. So, before we teach you how to epilate, consider what you’ll do later:

Get the Right Epilator

Get the right epilator before you begin; trust me on this one; it’s critical. In our opinion, the Braun Silk Epil 7 is an excellent choice and one of the finest epilators for novices. It’s a high-quality product with a solid brand reputation and many positive reviews to prove its efficacy as an epilator.

The Braun Silk Epil comes with a Gillette Venus Razor attachment that can be used in sensitive areas like the bikini line for a smooth and comfortable experience. It’s also rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries constantly.

Additionally, the Braun Silk-Epil has a massaging cap that will make the epilation process less painful by stimulating your skin as it removes hair. If you’re new to epilating, this is an excellent feature to look for in an epilator.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics let’s get into how to use an epilator so you can start enjoying smooth, silky skin.

Timing is everything.

Epilate before you wear your look-at-my-silky-legs LBD or date outfit the night before. This gives 24 hours for any irritation to decrease. Any minor bumps will have vanished by the morning, and you’ll wake up with the sexiest, smoothest skin!


Shave your legs (or any other part of your body you wish to epilate), then let them grow back in for 2-5 days, allowing all the hairs to regrow at approximately the same length. If your hair is particularly long, it might become caught up and tangled in the spinning epilator head. This will result in discomfort and could potentially damage your epilator.


Gently exfoliating the day before you epilate helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog up the epilator head and reduce its efficiency. It also lifts any flat-lying hairs, making it easier for the epilator to grab and remove. Exfoliating post-epilation will help to prevent ingrown hairs.

Where and When to Epilate:

Set aside 30 – 60 minutes for epilation because it is slower than shaving, but you will become quicker at it as you do it more.

At night, when the skin has had time to relax and redness to subside by morning, it is the best time to epilate. When you have a busy, active day ahead of you, first thing in the morning is probably the worst time to epilate; after thorough epilation, the cool night-time air and overnight rest are soothing to the skin.


After cleaning the area you wish to epilate with soap and water, let it dry completely. Use a numbing cream before epilating if you have sensitive skin. As a result, the epilation process will be less uncomfortable.

Start with a lower setting.

If you’re new to epilating, starting with a lower setting is best and working your way up. This will help you get used to the sensation and avoid any discomfort. Once you’ve found a setting that works for you, stick with it.

Work in sections

Start by epilating small sections of skin at a time. Slowly move the epilator over the area in a consistent motion. Don’t press too hard, as this will not result in better hair removal and can cause pain.

Be prepared for some discomfort.

Even if you follow all these tips, epilating can still be uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that this is temporary, and the results are well worth any discomfort you might experience.

2. When you epilate

Stay cool and calm.

We do several things in the name of beauty, such as plucking, tweezing, and buffing. Still, epilation is helped with features like the cooling glove and massaging rollers for a more pleasant hair removal experience.

Have you ever done it in water?

You can get it now! Wet & Dry Braun Silk-épil 9 epilators allow you to epilate in the shower or bath. The water reduces pain by releasing endorphins, natural painkillers, in the body.

Hold steady.

Keep your epilator as natural as possible; don’t worry about holding it. Keep your hands at a 90-degree angle to your legs while you hold the device. Pull your skin taut with your other hand so the gadget can glide over it quickly. Touch your skin lightly with the epilator instead of pressing down too hard.

Slow equals sexy.

Take about 15 seconds to go from ankle to knee. Breaking the hair at a rapid pace might induce ingrown hairs.

Take direction

In a counterclockwise direction, run the epilator with your hand against the growth of your hair. This grabs and lifts shorter hairs for a smoother finish.

Wet or dry?

If your skin is dry, make sure it is scorched before applying lotion. If the skin is wet, apply a little shower gel.

Start Epilation

epilation may seem somewhat daunting at first, but I promise you that it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, with a little bit of practice, epilation can become not only tolerable but even enjoyable! 

Here are a few tips to make the process less painful:

Utilize a mild pain reliever like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen (but make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage).

Start by epilating a less sensitive body area, such as the front of the leg below the knee.

Use the slow setting on your epilator.

Regular use will make the sensation less painful and even pleasant over time.

Before you start epilating, it’s essential to understand the best way to position the epilator head against your skin. Epilators should be held at a 90-degree angle to your skin and should be moved in the direction of hair growth.

Pressing slowly and evenly against the hair grain is advised. You may need to go over the same region of your body more than once to remove all of the hairs.

Rub your hand across the hair grain to free the hairs from the skin. The general rule of thumb is to move quickly enough to cover ten seconds from knee to top of the thigh in one smooth motion.

By following these tips, you can ensure you get the best results from your epilation session.


Once you’re done epilating, there are a few things you can do to help soothe your skin:

Use a cool compress

Redness and inflammation will be reduced by doing this.

Apply lotion

This will help to hydrate your skin and prevent any irritation.

Avoid sun exposure

Epilation makes your skin more sensitive, so you should avoid direct sunlight. Always wear sunscreen if you have to go outside.

Pamper perfect.

The golden rule is to moisturize after rather than before. For the most fantastic skin smoothing effects, apply a hydrating body lotion and anticipate waking up the following day with soft, silky skin.

Repeat until satisfied.

If you’re a novice epilator, once a week is plenty. Each time, the discomfort will drop, and your pleasure will rise. If you’re a seasoned pro, reduce it to once every three weeks. 


When you’re finished, use a skin-nourishing, soothing lotion like “Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser” as your final step. It’s a beautiful idea to place yourself near an open window (if it’s safe and you have the privacy) and allow the cold air to caress your skin.

Finally, give your epilator a thorough cleaning, ready for subsequent usage. This will keep the hygienic motor and tweezer components in good working order.

Take Away

If you follow all of the steps, you will be left with hair-free skin that is both smooth and attractive for approximately three to four weeks. The great news is that effects.


What is the correct way to epilate?

Begin by holding the epilator at a perpendicular angle to your skin. The device should not be pressed against your skin. Instead, hold it lightly against your skin. Tauten up your skin, and then slowly pull the epilator toward hair growth. 

Is it better to epilate long or short hair?

Epilating is most effective when the removed hairs are no more than 5 millimeters long. The less painful epilation is, the shorter the hairs must be. Epilation with a Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator is possible because it removes hair four times faster than waxing, resulting in a more pleasant experience. 

which direction to use the epilator

Hair removal is a pain, and there’s no denying it. But being hair-free is worth it, which is why we’re all willing to go through the temporary discomfort of epilation. If you’re new to epilation, you might wonder which direction to use the epilator. 

The answer depends on the body part you’re epilating. For larger areas like your legs, it’s best to go for hair growth. This way, disc comfort will be minimized and the process expedited.

For smaller areas like your bikini line or underarms. Some people find that going against the grain is less painful, while others find that it speeds up the process. 

Try different approaches to see what works for you. No matter which direction you choose, just be careful around sensitive areas and go slowly.

Can you use an epilator on long hair?

Most epilators come with attachments specifically designed for long hair, so you should be able to use them without any problems. 

Making sure that the epilator is set correctly is critical. Use the most extended setting if your hair is long to prevent the epilator from becoming tangled.

 You should also take time and go slowly when using an epilator on long hair. Going too fast can cause the epilator to pull on your hair and cause pain. If you have never used an epilator before, it is a good idea to test it on a small area of skin first to see how your body reacts.

how to use an epilator on hands

Epilators are a great way to remove hair from your hands without waxing or shaving.

Handheld epilators use rotating blades to remove hair from the roots quickly and effectively.

Here’s how to use an epilator on your hands:

Start by thoroughly washing your hands to remove dirt, oil, or makeup. This will help the epilator work more effectively. 

Next, choose an attachment that suits the area you’re epilating. Use the broader attachment for larger areas like your hand’s palm. Use the narrower attachment for more sensitive areas, like around your fingers, use the narrower attachment.

Turn on the epilator and hold it against your skin at a 90-degree angle. Slowly move the device over the area you want to remove hair from. Be sure to go over each section multiple times to ensure all the hair is removed.

Once you’re finished epilating, apply a soothing lotion or cream to your skin to help relieve any irritation. Take care of your skin. Epilating can be a bit painful, so take care of it. With regular use, epilating is a quick and easy way to keep your hands smooth and hair-free. Give it a try!

how to use an epilator on legs

To start, make sure your legs are clean and dry. Then, stretch out the skin, so the hair stands up straight. This will help the epilator grab each Hair more easily.

Then make small, circular motions up your leg with the epilator. Make sure each area is shaved multiple times to remove all the hair. You can soothe any irritation with a cool cloth or lotion after you’re done.

You’ll be epilating your legs like a pro with a bit of practice!

Where can you use an epilator?

You can use an epilator on almost any area of your body where you have unwanted hair. This includes the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and more. Epilators are especially good for removing hair from sensitive areas like the upper lip and chin. 

They can also be used on larger areas like the legs and arms. To get the best results, choosing an epilator designed for your specific needs is essential. 

You can find many types of epilators on the market, so research before purchasing.

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