Philips Satinelle HP6401 Epilator Review

Philips Satinelle HP6401 is here for you. On the off chance that you are totally new to epilators, you may have heaps of inquiries on epilating and epilators.

You may be thinking about what sort of an epilator you ought to purchase or whether you need to burn through many dollars for your first epilator.

As I would like to think it’s better on the off chance that you don’t spend much on your first epilator. Since more often than not the usefulness of all epilators is the same and there is a likelihood that you probably won’t get happy with its experience.

So better to go for a successful yet modest and affordable epilator, similar to Philips Satinelle HP6401 which will cost you just around $30.

Regardless of whether you don’t care for the experience, you can just discard the epilator absent a lot of concern. Anyway epilating has become the most ideal method for hair expulsion.

Philips Satinelle HP6401 thinks of 21 hypoallergenic tweezers and just as it has two paces.

I have been utilizing a few epilators (Sometimes just to test them) and it was a worry that this epilator takes some additional time than different epilators like Emjoi Emagine AP-18 or Braun Silk-Epil 7; Both of the referenced Emjoi Emagine AP-18 or Braun Silk-Epil 7 accompanies more tweezers, so the epilation is quicker contrasted with this.

philips satinelle essential hp6401, compact hair removal epilator is an extremely modest epilator that possibly costs around $25-$35 which is extremely modest when contrasted with very good quality epilators like Braun silk-epil 9 or Panasonic ES-ED90-P epilators, which costs around $150.



When contrasting with a portion of the other epilator brands, philips epilator hp6401 doesn’t cause a lot of agonies, regardless of whether your skin is totally new to epilators.

This is the primary motivation behind why I suggest this for the beginner epilator clients.

Anyway, there will be some measure of agony, which isn’t unendurable, yet after not many rounds of epilation, you will become accustomed to it.

It is advised to exfoliate before epilating, so it will evacuate the dead cells in your skin and make the epilation procedure smoother and simpler.

I will compose an article on “pre-prep tips before epilation” at the earliest opportunity which will help you young ladies for an effortless epilation experience.


As I have referenced above philips satin perfect epilator is coordinated with two velocities. You can alter the speed to be slower or generally quicker.

Despite the fact that it may require some investment to epilate under the delicate speed, I’d incline toward that since it tenderly expels the hair and the agony that may happen is truly low.

Anyway, you can without much of a stretch switch between speeds utilizing a straightforward catch.

Productivity CAP

philips satinelle epilator productivity top

Philips satinelle is a head to toe epilator. Anyway, I don’t suggest this for your face since it is smarter to go with a devoted facial epilator since the facial skin is so sensitive and is extremely significant.

Other than for the face, philips hp6401 satinelle epilator is perfect for fragile skin.

The unparalleled connection which accompanies this epilator is the effectiveness top and it guarantees a delicate yet proficient epilation in the most touchy regions, for example, swimsuit lines and thighs.

I recall when I attempted to epilate my swimsuit lines without utilizing the effectiveness top; it was giving me a lot of torment.

Anyway, when I utilized it with the effectiveness top the epilation was smooth and less agony. So remember to utilize the effectiveness top when utilizing Philips satinelle in sensitive regions.


The adjusted formed structure of philips satinelle essential hp6401 fits flawlessly in the palm of your hand and the ergonomic grasp will give you a superior command over the gadget. The epilator head is removable and launderable so it makes the cleaning simpler.



Philips Satinelle HP6401 is a corded epilator. Anyway, it’s hardly any badgering on the grounds that the length of the link guarantees you the opportunity when dealing with it.

The principal reason which I don’t care for being corded is that you can’t utilize this as a wet and dry epilator.

In the event that you have to utilize an epilator submerged, it must be totally cordless in light of the fact that electricity and water have a truly negative effect on one another.

So try not to utilize Philips Satinelle HP6401 submerged. On the off chance that you are needing a wet and dry epilator, I would prescribe you to go with braun silk-epil 7.


Despite the fact that Philips proclaims that Satinelle HP6401 even evacuate 0.5mm hair, I found that it is really very little success with shorter hair.

You may need to have 2-3 rounds of epilation to totally dispose of the briefest ones.

It is effective with the hair extending 1mm-10mm and again very little productive with the ones more than 1.5cm.


As I have referenced above I would not suggest Philips Satinelle HP6401 as a facial epilator.


Worked in light has become a significant highlight of late epilators since it uncovers the un-evacuated hair while epilating.

Tragically Philips Satinelle HP6401 does exclude an inherent light so you may miss some hair at the first round.

Anyway, I wouldn’t fret that much since you can’t expect every one of the highlights from such a modest epilator.

All things considered, my outline on Philips Satinelle HP6401 is that it’s a modest epilator that will satisfy its guarantees and unquestionably will guarantee a proficient encounter.

I purchased this from Amazon and to specify, Philips Satinelle HP6401 has become the top of the line epilator there; positioning no. 1.

There are around 2000 genuine client surveys, where you can get more thought regarding.

I trust that this article has been very enlightening for my dear cherishing perusers.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have any sort of inquiry in regards to anything identified with epilators, simply remark beneath and I will hit you up with answers as quickly as time permits.







At long last!!! I have attempted EVERY SINGLE hair expulsion technique out there. I’ve taken a stab at everything from laser hair evacuation to creams to covers pretty much every contraption available.

Laser hair evacuation is incredible and all in case you’re somebody who can continually burn through a large number of dollars- – in light of the fact that let’s be honest – as much as they need to disclose to you that it’s perpetual – it isn’t.

It diminishes it genuinely well however on the off chance that you don’t stay aware of it, it’s not changeless. So obviously, I needed to settle on a less expensive other option. I had a go at waxing and that was a debacle all over.

The following day I had appalling pimples all over my face and a portion of my skin would rip off and it was in every case just so chaotic and disappointing for me.

Epilating is straightforward, clean, not untidy, and doesn’t rip my skin off and make me break out like there’s no tomorrow.

I attempted creams and those consumed my face actually leaving what resembled floor covering consumes all over. I had a go at stringing, and so on and so forth. You get the point.

So in the wake of taking a stab at all that I simply made do with shaving. That is correct. Modest. Brisk. Simple. What’s more, I left my face smooth for close to 24 hours.

I’ve needed to shave my face for more than 10 years and as humiliating as it was and despite the fact that it left my skin aggravated in specific territories, I truly had no way out and just, in the long run, acknowledged this was a piece of my everyday practice.

I constantly needed to attempt philips hair removal epilator however just couldn’t limit it down to the best one- – up to this point.

In case you’re in any way similar to me and somebody who totally abhors the way that they need to manage this issue each and every day- – at that point you truly won’t care how a lot of agonies this is (and it really gets less agonizing after some time I promise!!!) in light of the fact that I’m the most joyful lady alive to realize that this convenient device is going to expel my hair from the root and keep my sickening hair issue under control for longer than a day!!!

I will say that this thing HURTS LIKE HELL the initial not many occasions (I use it all over, and indeed, it does some incredible things for my face, obviously superior to the ones that are intended for facial hair.

Since let me be straightforward, I am making an effort not to evacuate peach fluff that most ladies are so humiliated about- 

I WISH I HAD PEACH FUZZ!!!- – I am an Italian lady and my facial hair is dim and thick like my damn leg hair (I’m SO fortunate! NOT.) So I needed the most elite.

On the off chance that it professed to be a BODY epilator, at that point you wager I would get it for my FACE that looked like BODY HAIR! UGH! SO GROSS. Whatever, I’ve acknowledged it now. Things could be more regrettable.)

I totally LOVE this item and I am the most joyful lady on the planet at the present time! I can’t trust I held up this long to buy this! What’s more, at this cost as well!?

I am SO ECSTATIC like this is genuinely transforming me and expanding my confidence drastically.

I couldn’t care less how agonizing it is, I couldn’t care less that there is a huge amount of redness and roughness subsequent to utilizing it, I couldn’t care less that I need to design my day as needs be (like skipping practicing for 2 days since sweat can acquire microorganisms and cause aggravation and pimples.

or that I need to skirt wearing makeup and fundamentally be against social for 2 days to let the bothering fade away) I JUST DON’T CARE since it is WELL WORTH IT!!! I need to make it VERY CLEAR this improves after some time!

I guarantee! The redness dies down the more you use it provided that you haven’t pulled out this much hair at the same time previously, your skin will respond, and the more you do it, there will be less hair to pull.

The explanation behind this is on the grounds that dissimilar to shaving, you are totally expelling the hair follicle at the root and it removes any longer to distend from the skin than with simply shaving, which is just trimming the part that is appearing and not evacuating it.

Likewise, PLEASE recall NOT to be debilitated for half a month when there is hair despite everything appearing! All hair has diverse life expectancies! So the ones you expel today, won’t be the ones you evacuate tomorrow. Show restraint.

Stick with it. This has totally transformed me and I utilized it for about a month up until now and I have completely cherished it. I can’t trust I don’t need to shave my face each day any longer!

I can’t pressure enough to BE PATIENT with this procedure. You should persevere through some excruciating redness and knocks for a smidgen, however, it continues to show signs of improvement and better after some time.

In the event that you can traverse the starting stages (likewise with anything throughout everyday life) than this will be extraordinary like it has been for me.

I think I am on the last couple of phases of hair development for all follicles (as I stated, every individual follicle is on their own phase of development) so once you can sort of getting past that beginning phase of getting every one of them out, after some time you won’t need to do a lot of upkeep any longer!

For any individual who has been languishing over some time with humiliating facial hair, I need to leave you with some astonishing tips for your previously and aftercare to assist you with diminishing such disturbance and aggravation and eventually abbreviate the measure of time it takes to mend.

I have delicate skin so in the event that this stuff deals with ME, at that point it will take a shot at YOU!

I’d prefer to call attention to that I don’t utilize the top on this when I am epilating. I have an inclination this might be the reason a few analysts are stating that this thing doesn’t work.

This thing certainly doesn’t work in the event that you set that effectiveness limit for it. The top is discretionary to put on and it is more for individuals who haven’t ever utilized this previously and are somewhat meek of having the cutting edges so near the skin. I don’t utilize the top and this thing works PERFECTLY.

Before you epilate:

1. Plan to epilate toward the finish of your day when you realize you won’t be returning out and can have however much time to recuperate as could reasonably be expected, so your recuperation period can be medium-term during your rest.

For me, I can pull off doing it late morning on a Sunday where I realize I’ll be unwinding at home and where I realize I don’t need to go to work the following day on Monday.

2. Try to wash your face and EXFOLIATE your skin. Try not to SKIP THIS STEP since it decreases the danger of ingrown hairs and those bothersome minimal whiteheads!

3. Epilate with a DRY face. You can add BABY POWDER to your face with the goal that the epilator gets ONLY the hair and NOT your skin. In the event that your skin is even marginally soggy, it will get your skin.

After you epilate (CRUCIAL STEPS!!!)

In the wake of epilating, it is basic that you find a way to decrease your danger of disturbance, redness, and getting knocks.

In case you’re similar to me, you thoroughly will get the entirety of that, however, it’s alright in light of the fact that it is well justified, despite all the trouble and in the event that you plan it well, it won’t be that large of an arrangement and simply be an important piece of your everyday practice, much the same as every other person has certain schedules for their consideration also.

Be that as it may, I just began utilizing this item so I’m certain the measure of bothering will subside, as I have perused with numerous individuals’ encounters with epilating in the long haul.

After I complete the process of epilating, I delicately wipe my skin with a soggy, warm towel, just to get off any abundance hair and extremely simply tidy up the region.

At that point, I apply Tea Tree oil to the epilated zones to keep the now open pores clean. This battles microbes quite well and it doesn’t sting. Next, I remove a bit of my aloe vera leaf (which is decent and cool since it is put away in the ice chest) and rub it on.

THIS WORKS WONDERS! Aloe vera is the most stunning regular medication for skin issues like consumes, cuts, wounds, aggravation, and so forth. It is amazing! You can get an entire leaf at Whole Foods or Sprouts or other regular staple spots.

I favor the leaf since I KNOW that it’s 100% aloe! At that point when that is mostly dry, I put calamine salve directly what’s more. You would honesty be able to skirt the calamine moisturizer yet I simply needed to play it safe.

The aloe is the primary superstar here and in the event that you don’t need something observable all over, simply stay with the aloe. I leave it on for as much time as I can. So a few days it’s simply on throughout the day. At any rate attempt 20-30 mins on the off chance that you can’t do that. Watch the enchantment occur!

I likewise make a point to take an NSAID directly after also to help lessen the agony and any growing. An NSAID is a non-steroidal calming which is an extravagant word for ibuprofen (Advil) or anti-inflammatory medicine.

The motivation behind why you wouldn’t have any desire to select acetaminophen (Tylenol) is on the grounds that it isn’t mitigating. It assists with decreasing torment however it can’t an NSAID and we need to lessen irritation after the skin has been pulled on a ton during epilation and consequently causes a fiery reaction of the skin.

In spite of the fact that this appears to be a ton to do and seems as though you’re getting truly thrashed, I mean, epilation is truly severe on the skin so I realize that I need to do as well as can be expected to lessen however much bothering as could be expected and this unquestionably works.

One thing to remember is that all hair has diverse recovery periods so don’t be disheartened when the first occasion when you do it and the following day there is some hair coming in- – this is basically different hairs that were not distending enough as well as not projecting out of the skin yet.

They are NOT similar hairs that you just epilated, they are different ones that are on an alternate hair developing calendar. Simply return over these or tweeze them if there isn’t a ton. Expectation this causes some of you. That is all about philips hp6401 satinelle epilator reviews



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Philips Satinelle HP6401 is here for you. On the off chance that you are totally new to epilators, you may have heaps of inquiries on epilating and epilators.
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